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Educational market and Laserquest

Today was the "educational market" (Onderwijsmarkt), organised by Inter-Actief. Main attraction where the design projects, which had all made a (more or less) pretty poster presenting their project and findings.

Since we had been well-warned to take care of the poster well before today, we started work on it yesterday, since it was the first moment anyone had some free time since we decided we (Marijn and I) would stop postponing it last friday.

Making a poster

I had already made some preparations on monday in the train, mainly thinking about what should be on the poster and writing some text to put on there. I started yesterday morning (got up at 8 for this!) with actually putting together a poster with a few screenshots and the text I had written.

After some fighting with the vector drawing program [Inkscape], which we used since Marijn knew it pretty well, I had put together something really, really, ugly and unfinished. Being out of time, I bailed and left the thing to Marijn. He managed to turn it into a pretty decent poster with nice colours and lines and all.

Printing a poster

He gave it back to me, so I could take care of the printing (he had to work this morning). I spent an hour or so last night battling with the various svg, (e)ps and pdf files, which turned out to contain a subtle error somewhere. This made all my attempts to properly chop up the A0 poster in 8 A3 pages fail (we were already too late to let it print in A0). After doing some more CDP homework, I gave up on it and went to bed. Since I did not expect the printing of the poster to work in one try, I slept less than four hours and got up early. Pling Poster

This morning was spent trying various file formats, drawing programs and printer settings at the print shop (The guy there always lets me fiddle around myself) and at first gave me a poster (that is, in 8 A3 pieces) in which all the images were black and white. Being happy that I had got at least something, I returned to Inter-Actief to see if the adobe suite could help me out.

After some fiddling around with Illustrator, I managed to convince it to print my poster on 8 A3 sheets. Using the Adobe pdf printer, I turned this into a nice, self-contained pdf to print at the print shop. Worked out pretty well, this is something we can do more often at Inter-Actief, since we currently use Photoshop to split a poster into four png images to be printed on A3 paper.

Presenting a poster

The presentation of the poster was pretty informal, everybody walked into and out of the room and looked around, playing our game and looking at our poster. We also got an "official" visit from the jury, that had to select the best poster of the day.

Later, at the drink afterwards, the winner of the best poster award was announced. After some honourful mentions, they announced our poster to be the best one. Pretty nifty, since it earned me (the other group members were already gone) an applepie. Pretty weird too, since the poster was really a not very thought through bunch of information on 8 poorly taped together A3 sheets. Ah well, apparently I had written some interesting things by accident and Marijn did a good job at layouting it.


After such a night of little sleep and an intensive day, it was time to get to bed early and sleep a lot. So, I went over to Inter-Actief at 1930 to go Laserquesting. I had done it one time before and really liked it and since I had no other appointments this time (as I had the last two times), I decided to go anyway. Also, the last time only three people wanted to go and it was canceled, didn't want to break the mood this time ;-)

After three immensely intensive games of laserquest (my muscles will probably be aching tommorrow), I am now really ready to go to bed and sleep a lot. I'll see about that class tomorrow morning (1040), might not go there if I'm still tired then.

So, time for bed. Goodnight.

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