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The voodoo has been done

This morning's CLP exam went pretty well. Despite the high voodoo-level of promela, the language used, the exam was easier than I expected. Now let's hope I did well enough.

As I was hanging around at Bas' place to chill and discuss the exam, we noticed something at Inter-Actief breaking (both nerding away on our respective laptops). Within 10 minutes we were on the site to see why our (Windows) domain controller had stopped responding. We discovered that it had decided that the windows update it had just installed required a reboot and just went ahead with rebooting. Rebooting that machine is a bad idea anyhow, since it takes more than 15 minutes, during which half of Inter-Actief becomes useless, ICT-wise. Better yet, it had managed to hang itself somewhere between shutdown and boot, so a reset was required. Go Windows!

Anyway, I'm off to Harderwijk now, sailing course tonight, and opening of my fathers new sailing school this weekend. Since I'm planning on becoming a sailing instructor there, that means plenty of sailing this weekend :-D

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