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Examination Operating Systems: ETA 2:30

Got my Operating Systems exam this afternoon. Still have about two hours to do my last preparations, so we'll see how it goes. Ideally, I'd like a few more hours to prepare, but so much for my planning skills...

Yesterday, I finally got a response from Conrad. I ordered some stuff, two weeks ago. I had done 2 seperate orders, which I wanted to be merged to save shipping cost. But, since there was some confusion about how much I needed to pay how, it was only until last week that I finally got my payment out. I didn't hear from them for some time, so I inquired what took so long. Turned out they had somehow forgot to process my payment, so they only started on the order yesterday. I got an email stating they had sent the package off yesterday, at 2330. Probably some automated, delayed email or something. Ah well, let's read some more about operating systems now...

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