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Service as it should be: Interstuhl


When I started my studies and moved to Enschede, nearly 7 years ago, I needed furniture of my own. One of the things I have spent quite some time on selecting, was my office chair. Seeing that I spent a lot of time behind my desk and computer, both for hobby and my education, I wanted a good chair, with enough knobs and levers to make me both comfortable and give me ergonomical working place.

After some consideration, I settled on the Ataros A122, produced by Interstuhl. It has shown to be a very comfortable chair and so far I've not regretted buying it (even though it has cost my just under four hundred euros).

However, recently the chair started breaking down. The knob that keeps the back of the chair up broke, leaving the back always in the downmost position (while I want it in the topmost one!). So, after some fruitless searching for a shop that stocked spare parts for my chair, I contacted Interstuhl directly, to see if they could help me.

I was pleasantly surprised by their swift and helpful response, including the advice to replace a second part that was probably also damaged and instructions on how the part could be replaced. The best part, however, was that they sent me the the spare parts for free! I didn't even pay shipping costs. Considering that the 5-year warranty on the chair has already expired a while ago, I consider this superb service. After my previous woes with MSI service, I'm relieved that there still are decent companies with competent staff in this world.

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