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And the saga continues....

As you might have read in my previous post, I have been vastly unimpressed by MSI's warranty department. Or actually, I have been actually been quite impressed by the amount of incompetence that they have managed to concentrate in that department. But, I digress.

A few weeks back, MSI managed to take weeks to not replace my hard drive. I have been complaining about this, and they offered that I sent them the faulty drive (again) so they could replace it. Yet they could not send me a new drive, before they had received the old drive, since "the system would not allow it". They would not, however, require me to send back my entire notebook again, as a courtesy. It's not like I could use it for anything but decoration without a hard drive (it does not support booting from an USB stick, I discovered after installing debian om my stick), but well.

New hard drive

After some more time (about a week or so), they got around to sending me my replacement hard drive. It was a different brand (Hitachi, the old one was Western Digital), but the specs were comparable. The drive had a power on time of some 50 hours, so they seem to have tested it thoroughly as well. At least the drive seems to be a new one, it appears to be a little faster as well.

I have taken the oppurtunity of a new drive to redo my debian installation with LVM instead of normal partitioning. It took me a few tries and some moving of data to get this working properly, while keeping my windows installation working as well (which does not understand LVM).

New battery

As I mentioned before, when I first sent my notebook back to MSI, they did properly replace my notebook battery. I thought. It turns out the replacement battery didn't really fit so well. Sometimes (or actually most of the times) when I moved the notebook, the battery would wiggle a little, enough to lose its connection, powering down the notebook). Quite annoying, as you might imagine.

I mailed MSI again to complain and (after a few days of waiting) got another UPS label. I sent them just the battery, since I didn't care to lose my notebook for some unknown time again, now it was finally workable again (at least on AC power...).

This was nearly three weeks ago. Just over a week ago, I wondered what took them so long. I should have been checking on them way earlier, since the support guy told me they didn't get my battery. When I ensured him that UPS had actually delivered the battery, he checked UPS' records and found that it had indeed been delivered to their logistic department. It just never made it into the support department.

I hang up the phone with the promise that the (first line) support guy would find out what went wrong and "ensure that second liners would send me a battery". I assume he tried very hard, but his attempts were out-incompetentized by MSI's second line support, for when I called again this morning, he confirmed that the battery had indeed not been sent out. Again he promised that he would take care of this and apologized for it taking so long.

Now, if things went well, they immediately packaged a new battery this morning, so UPS could pick it up this afternoon, it might actually be delivered tomorrow. That would mean I will have a battery to do some work in the train, friday early morning. If only things would go well, for once. But, I'll go back from expecting to hoping, that at least they will manage to get me my battery next week, so I can perhaps use my notebook on the Elf Fantasy Fair...

Just for making the picture complete: I filed my first support request on February 9th. It is now April 11th and I'm still waiting. You do the math.

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