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Last monday, I've had my graduation presentation. After working on my final assignment and Master's thesis for just over a year, I'm finally finished!

The topic of my thesis has been Cλash (pronounced just "Clash"), the Haskell-to-VHDL compiler I created together with Christiaan Baaij, a co-student who has graduated simultaneously. It allows for describing hardware (i.e. chips) using the Haskell functional language. This is new research at the University of Twente, so we started pretty much from scratch (though we've reused large parts of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler.

Anyway, the result was a working compiler, a 100 page report (also see Christiaan's report) and a nice presentation (which could have been a bit more technical according to my supervisors, but I was rather content with it).

So, next up is some rest and picking up all the projects I have been procrastinating because of my graduation work (Setting up drsnuggles, my server, packaging OpenGFX and OpenSFX, getting started with GTD, etc.). I've got a flexible job at Brevidius to make some money, while I find out what the next step is (finding a job, start a PhD somewhere, move out of Enschede, etc.).

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