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Disabling (broken) sensors in Supermicro IPMI to prevent alarm beeps

A few months ago, I put up an old Atom-powered Supermicro server (SYS-5015A-PHF) again, to serve at De War to collect and display various sensor and energy data about our building.

The server turned out to have an annoying habit: every now and then it would start beeping (one continuous annoying beep), that would continue until the machine was rebooted. It happened sporadically, but kept coming back. When I used this machine before, it was located in a datacenter where nobody would care about a beep more or less (so maybe it has been beeping for years on end before I replaced the server), but now it was in a server cabinet inside our local Fablab, where there are plenty of people to become annoyed by a beeping server...

I eventually traced this back to faulty sensor readings and fixed this by disabling the faulty sensors completely in the server's IPMI unit, which will hopefully prevent the annoying beep. In this post, I'll share my steps, in case anyone needs to do the same.

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