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Hell Weather: Enschede in the middle


Right now, it's totally crazy weather outside. It's no longer raining, it is more like a solid block of water floating around. With multiple lightning flashes every second and a river of water flowing through our street, it's kind of hellish weather. Anyway, I have pictures and a few movies of it (they are a bit fuzzy because of the darkness, unfortunately, I didn't manage to use the lightning as a flash for the pictures :-)


Update: Tipped off by Brenda (Who is in the train to Amsterdam now, I took some pictures of the Enschede Drienerlo train station. Last night, after the rain, a flatmate reported that the water was knee-high in the tunnel under the station. During the night, physics has again proven its worth: Water always flows to the lowest point.

For those who don't know the station, there used to be a tunnel underneat (you can still see a few centimeters of it) that is about four meters high. Yeah, that's a lot of water indeed. Anyway, more pictures (scroll down).

T wrote at 2007-06-11 09:24

Yup, everywhere in Enschede where you try to cross the rails there are scenes like this. The new tunnel next to the main station was so dirty it didn't occur to us at first that it was flooded... but that too had about a few meters of water in it (still have to see how the pictures went)

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