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Feeling good!

W00t, I've been having a nice night. Instead of my usual routine of not wanting to do things and delaying them, filling my time with "useless" coding or fiddling with my laptop or pc or stuff like that, I have spent all night doing "useful" stuff.

I had already spent an hour or two last week sorting out my cluttered email inbox (260+ messages) that contained emails that I was planning to reply to or that needed some action before they were fully handled. I had reduced the number of messages to 30 or so, that needed some action of some kind (and ten or so email discussions with Brenda that slowly died and still need sorting out). Mutt showing an empty mailbox

Today, I've looked at a bunch more mails, and instead of postponing them more, I actually did stuff and reduced my inbox to 12 messages. Besides that, I've done some work for my Bachelor Referaat, helped fixing our pandora registration, read the Inter-Actief financial semi-annual report and even found some time to do a little nerding in between.

In short, this was a very nice night, with no delaying, postponing and wasting time as usual. I'm even going to bed before 0200, which is not as bad as it could be (though still improvable, I'm pretty tired). But hey, you can't do everything at the same time :-)

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