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Theory exam

Response System Indicator

As you might know, I am having driving lessons since a few months. My instructor strongly advised me to take care of my theory certificate as soon as possible, because that would help in my normal driving lessons. So, even though I have only had ten-ish driving lessons, I had my first try on a theory exam this afternoon.

I had a high goal to meet: When Brenda took here theory exam, she passed with 0 wrong answers. So, my mission was simple yet not so easy: To pass with -1 wrong answers.

I arrived there 45 minutes early (which is quite unusual for me, but everyone kept saying that I should be really, really on time), so I did some more exam practicing while I waited. Interestingly enough, there were absolutely no bicycle parking places at the exam center. I usually hate places that take care of cars only, but I found in particularly peculiar for a place where almost all visitors will not have a driving license (by definition).

Anyway, I tried my best to answer the questions correctly and not accidentally get caught cheating. It's not that I was actually cheating, but the women that sat next to me was totally nervous and sounded a bit desperate, she asked me for an answer for one of the practice questions. I managed to look straight ahead and smile at the surveillant often enough to get to the end of the exam.

After the exam, after a stupid ten minute waiting period (after all, they could have shown me my results immediately after the last question on the tiny display on the answering terminal), the surveillant passed me my results sheet. She confused me by telling me I failed, which turned out to be a mistake on her parted. I had passed the exam with exactly 0 wrong answers, meaning I had indeed failed to improve on Brenda's result. Turns out it is actually impossible to have -1 wrong answers, even though I made up an extra question myself at the end of the exam...

Theo wrote at 2007-08-28 20:49

Gefeliciteerd! :D

T wrote at 2007-08-29 18:15

What question did you make up? :P

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