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Snowy Geocaching


Since last weekend I have yet another hobby to add to my ever growing stack of hobbies and projects (I'm still looking for extra time to fit them all in, so if you got some spare time lying around...): Geocaching.

As always around New Year, there are these things called good intentions. I usually don't really care about those, but this year Brenda was intent on losing weight. Now I don't really need to lose weight (I have only a bit of a belly), but the main idea was to eat healthier food and get more exercise. Healthy food is always a good idea, and since I'm not doing any sports currently, I welcome some extra exercise (at least in theory :-p).

So to get some exercise we thought of taking a long walk (And no, not with those funny sticks. It's cold enough outside to burn quite some energy). However, to make things a bit more interesting than just a boring walk around the neighborhood, we decided to go Geocaching.

Geocaching, in its simplest form, is using a GPS device to find a cache with hidden treasure on coordinates published on the Internet by the person who hid the cache there.

Coincidentally, I bought a Bluetooth GPS device to use with my phone last year (initially just for Pandora, so I'm glad to be able to use it more often). So, we set out to find the cache "Aan de rand van de wildernis", which is a so-called "Multi-cache", meaning you get the coordinates of the first point and using some numbers you find there (from a traffic sign, for example) you can calculate the coordinates of the next waypoint, where you'll find some more numbers, etc.

After four waypoints (including a nice detour through the denser part of the forest due to a minor calculation error) we found the cache, hidden in the ground! As is usual with caches, it contained some "trade", mostly children's toys. We took a small packet of eau de toilette and replaced it with an "Eco-button".

So, let's see which cache in the neighborhood we'll plunder next...

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