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Today was a good day

I just got home, and looking at today I think it is a good day. I started out early with a (moderately boring) class, followed by a practical exercise. This exercise was finished halfway the afternoon, after which I continued to Tim's final thesis presentation. He is the first of "my" Inter-Actief board to finish his education, and more of us will follow soon.

After the presentation, there were drinks. Halfway through, we (the former board members from his year) gave another presentation. It was a short pop quiz about Tim's years at university (in the style of "Dit was het nieuws"). There where lots of embarassing pictures, which led to lots of laughs.

After that, I continued straight to the Pro Deo new years diner. This was a night of good food, good talks and nice people. Everyone had cooked a piece of the meal, in groups. I had prepared tea, coffee, apple pie with a Mondriaan painting on it and cake with DIY topping, all of which people liked a lot. During the evening, there was also an auctioning game, which I happened to win (largely due to strategical bidding, and a little due to luck, since Marijn had adopted the same strategy :-).

So, all in all, today was quit good and I am content. The only thing that sucked today, was that the wind was blowing in the opposite direction all day...

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