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Tagging and fancy menus

I've prettified the category listing at the top of the page using the menu plugin this week. Instead of showing all categories recursively, it now shows just the (sub)categories in the current category, so you can browse them. Also, the current category is show using the (slightly modified) breadcrumbs plugin.

I've also started tagging posts using the tagging plugin. Tagging is a very freeform way of categorizing posts, without limiting them to just one tag. At the bottom of the posts, all the tags that are stuck onto the post are show, click on them to see other posts with the same tag. The tagging plugin also supports listing related stories, I might enable that as soon as I've tagged a few more posts.

Also, look at the fancy "tag cloud" to the left, which shows all tags I've used (bigger and darker means more frequently used). Not too many yet, but that'll change soon.

I've found a bunch of other plugins that seem useful too, so I'll be spending some more time in the train (as I do now) configuring and embedding those plugins soon. Let's see if I can get some kind of photo gallery up and running now...

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