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These are the ramblings of Matthijs Kooijman, concerning the software he hacks on, hobbies he has and occasionally his personal life.

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Making some good progress here. Comments should be working by now. I heavily modified the interpolate_fancy plugin to properly support nested conditions, so I can very specifically control how the page looks. This was needed to properly support all the different sitations concerning comments and trackbacks.

I've also been working on the category list at the top. It's fully working now, but I only have a real "blog" category, all others are just for testing... I have also had to heavily modify the categorylist plugin to support a horizontal list of categories. The adapted version is way more flexible and should probably suit any layout thinkable.

I have tried making the list of categories only 1 level deep (so changing when you navigate through the list), but that seems harder that I would want. I've also found the "menu" plugin, that does something similar, but it looked scary and complicated. For now, I'll settle for a list of /all/ categories, might look at the menu plugin later on.

Oh, and don't mind all the foo bar flierp blerf asdf posts, I'll remove them when I'm done testing :-)

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