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Small layout fix

I've fixed the layout a little, since I got reports that it looked like crap on IE. Some investigation turned out that IE handles <pre> html elements wrong.

A few posts below I pasted a piece from a sendmail config file, which I wrapped in to <pre> </pre> to make it look nicer (in a fixed sized font et al). Unfortuanately this means the text doesn't get wrapped and therefore is wider then the column in which I put the posts. Therefore the "box" of the pre element (to speak in CSS terms) gets bigger then the room available (just under 590px). IMHO, this would be tough luck for the pre element, which then gets cut off by or flows outside of the div element that contains it. This is the way firefox handles it, which means everything looks great (since it didn't really flow outside of the div, but just inside the pading that would normally be white).

IE on the other hand, decides it is a good idea to ignore the explicit "width" attribute I have set for my posts and expands the column instead. Hey, whattayouknow? Now the sidebar + posts don't fit anymore. Instead of also expanding the outmost div element (with a fixed width of 800px), it finds a "better" solution: If you put the posts below the sidebar, everything fits! Though it does do this last part (thankfully) according to specs, it obviously looks crummy.

The fix for this is as simple as it is ugly: Decrease the font size inside that pre element by a few percent, to make it fit like everything else. Tada, problem solved. Stupid IE.

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