"In het verleden behaalde resultaten bieden geen garanties voor de toekomst"
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Curriculum Vitæ

Matthijs Kooijman
Amersfoort, the Netherlands


Master Computer Science 2007-2009, University of Twente

Embedded systems specialization: Processor architectures, VHDL design, fault tolerant design, (network) security.

Thesis: Haskell as a higher order structural hardware description language
Developing a Haskell-based language and compiler to describe hardware designs (e.g., program FPGAs).

Internship: Compiler development at Recore Systems, see below.

Bachelor Computer Science 2002-2007, University of Twente

General computer science fields: math, software engineering, human computer interaction, various programming paradigms, computer architectures.

Minor: Electrical engineering (Basic electronic design, transistor internals, analog amplifier design)

This includes a one-year break due to full-time board responsibilities, see below

Professional experience

Embedded developer 2013 - present, Pinoccio

Pinoccio creates Arduino-like microcontroller boards featuring mesh networking and out-of-the-box internet integration, allowing easy prototyping of internet-of-things and sensor networks.

  • Writing firmware for various parts of the system.
  • Designing protcols, data formats, etc.
  • Writing documentation

Achievements: Designed a simple, but future-proof one-wire serial protocol for expansion board discovery and configuration.

Firmware developer 2010 - present, FON

Fon creates wireless consumer equipment, driven by OpenWRT based firmwares, combined with a wifi-sharing community and an open-source community for the firmware.

  • Writing code in various languages running on an embedded piece of equipment.
  • Managing bug reports, patch submissions and support requests coming from the community.

Achievements: restarted the opensource community and firmware development after some time of neglect.

Web developer 2007 - present, Brevidius CrossMedia Projecten

Brevidius creates media-oriented websites for clients like the Rabobank and Ziggo. Tasks included

  • Designing a PHP framework for multimedia-based websites
  • Web server administration
  • Developing an Linux-based OS for a settopbox

Achievements: introduced the use of Subversion for source control, introduced secure programming.

Compiler developer (internship / part time)2008, Recore Systems

Recore Systems is a young company developing novel low-power reconfigurable processors. Tasks included

  • Using the LLVM compiler framework to implement a (partial) C compiler for the Montium reconfigurable processor
  • Architecture design of the successor Xentium chip

First three months were full time internship, subsequent 5 months were part time normal employment.

Relevant skills


Mother tongue: Dutch
Fluent in: English
Basic grasp of: German, French

Programming languages

Experienced: C, C++, Python, PHP, Bash script
Reasonable skill: Java, Haskell, Perl, Lua, Javascript, VHDL, TeX
Basic skill: Prolog, Visual Basic, Basic, Logo, NQC, Vala, Tcl/Tk, x86 assembly, PIC assembly, AVR assembly, MIPS assembly

Familiar software

Using on a daily basis: Linux, git, vim, Arduino
Experience with: subversion, Latex, the Gimp, inkscape, exim, dovecot, mysql, lighttpd,

Extracurricular activities

Teaching assistent 2006-2009, University of Twente

Assisting teachers with various tasks:

  • Teaching exercise classes in programming
  • Supervising students during practical assignments in various courses (programming, algorithms, compiler construction, functional programming)
  • Grading assignments and tentaminations
  • Redesigning practial assignments on algorithms

Treasurer and board member 2004-2005, Study association Inter-Actief

One year, full time board member, tasked with

  • Financial administration (€65.000 budget)
  • Supervising various committees
  • Running daily business
  • Contact with university

Achievements: European Robosoccer tournament, involving teachers in activities, publishing a yearbook.

Board member 2003-2004, Archery club Sagittarius

Part time board member, tasked with

  • Supervising training nights
  • Organising introductory training
  • Arranging bar purchases and sales

Various committees 2003-2011, Study association Inter-Actief

  • First-year's committee
  • Activity committee
  • System administration
  • Financial audit committee
  • Bar committee

Other activities

Event organiser and board member 2005 - present, Evolution Events

Organising live action roleplaying (improvisational theater) events. Tasks include

  • Logistics
  • Propmaking
  • Plotwriting
  • Safety coordination

Achievement: Exploring innovative LARP concepts

Various tasks at sailing school 2006, 2007, Watersportcentrum "De Randmeren"

Various activitities during the summer season, such as

  • Giving introductory sailing lessons
  • Renting out boats
  • Planning sailing lessons.
  • General administrative tasks

Achievement: Set up the financial and bookkeeping procedures from scratch.

Debian maintainer 2009 - present, Debian

Debian is a free operating system based on the Linux kernel and GNU userspace. A Debian maintainer is tasked with

  • Maintaining various packages for the Debian software distribution system.
  • Solving bug reports from users and providing feedback.
  • Coordinating packaging issues with sister-projects like Ubuntu.

Volunteer 2015-present, Fablab Amersfoort

  • Improving CNC mill hardware and PCB milling workflow
  • Machine maintainance

Involvement in various open source projects

Various levels of involvement, ranging from bug reporting to contributing of considerable amounts of code. Projects include

  • Debian
  • OpenTTD
  • The LLVM compiler framework
  • Linux kernel
  • Git-buildpackage
  • rt2x00 Ralink wireless driver
  • Django web development framework
  • Urwid text mode UI framework
  • Gnome


  • Live action roleplaying
  • DIY electronics and microcontroller programming
  • Carpenting
  • Tailoring
  • Sound and light engineering
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