"In het verleden behaalde resultaten bieden geen garanties voor de toekomst"
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Most of the stuff on is copyrighted by Matthijs Kooijman. You are free to reuse all of this stuff under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, version 2 (WTFPL). This means you can just do anything you want, though I would appreciate proper credit where possible and appropriate.

The licensed content includes:

  • All content written by me (including any code).
  • The site design and markup.

The licensed content excludes:

  • Comments to posts. These are copyrighted by their respective posters and are not available for reuse.
  • Text obviously not written by me (quotes, man pages, etc.).
  • Any content explicitly marked with a different license (obviously).
  • Most images on this site. Images from before 2010 have mostly been shamelessly ripped from Google image search, so I probably shouldn't even be distributing them at all. Later images are available under some open license, see the title tag (hover your mouse over the image) for the applicable license and the source of the image.

The full license granted is as follows:

            Version 2, December 2004

 Copyright (C) 2004 Sam Hocevar <>

 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified
 copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long
 as the name is changed.



Want to get in contact with me? Feel free to contact me directly.

However, please do not contact me privately for support related to an open-source software which has its own channels (e.g. rather use the project's forum, mailing list, chat channel, github issue tracker, etc.).

  • Email:
  • Matrix / chat: (preferred over hangouts)
  • Google hangouts chat:
  • IRC: nickname blathijs on various networks (Freenode, OFTC, IRCNet, GIMPNet, EFNet)

See for more info about the professional services I deliver.

Curriculum Vitæ

Matthijs Kooijman
Amersfoort, the Netherlands


Master Computer Science 2007-2009, University of Twente

Embedded systems specialization: Processor architectures, VHDL design, fault tolerant design, (network) security.

Thesis: Haskell as a higher order structural hardware description language
Developing a Haskell-based language and compiler to describe hardware designs (e.g., program FPGAs).

Internship: Compiler development at Recore Systems, see below.

Bachelor Computer Science 2002-2007, University of Twente

General computer science fields: math, software engineering, human computer interaction, various programming paradigms, computer architectures.

Minor: Electrical engineering (Basic electronic design, transistor internals, analog amplifier design)

This includes a one-year break due to full-time board responsibilities, see below

Professional experience

Embedded developer 2013 - present, Pinoccio

Pinoccio creates Arduino-like microcontroller boards featuring mesh networking and out-of-the-box internet integration, allowing easy prototyping of internet-of-things and sensor networks.

  • Writing firmware for various parts of the system.
  • Designing protcols, data formats, etc.
  • Writing documentation

Achievements: Designed a simple, but future-proof one-wire serial protocol for expansion board discovery and configuration.

Firmware developer 2010 - present, FON

Fon creates wireless consumer equipment, driven by OpenWRT based firmwares, combined with a wifi-sharing community and an open-source community for the firmware.

  • Writing code in various languages running on an embedded piece of equipment.
  • Managing bug reports, patch submissions and support requests coming from the community.

Achievements: restarted the opensource community and firmware development after some time of neglect.

Web developer 2007 - present, Brevidius CrossMedia Projecten

Brevidius creates media-oriented websites for clients like the Rabobank and Ziggo. Tasks included

  • Designing a PHP framework for multimedia-based websites
  • Web server administration
  • Developing an Linux-based OS for a settopbox

Achievements: introduced the use of Subversion for source control, introduced secure programming.

Compiler developer (internship / part time)2008, Recore Systems

Recore Systems is a young company developing novel low-power reconfigurable processors. Tasks included

  • Using the LLVM compiler framework to implement a (partial) C compiler for the Montium reconfigurable processor
  • Architecture design of the successor Xentium chip

First three months were full time internship, subsequent 5 months were part time normal employment.

Relevant skills


Mother tongue: Dutch
Fluent in: English
Basic grasp of: German, French

Programming languages

Experienced: C, C++, Python, PHP, Bash script
Reasonable skill: Java, Haskell, Perl, Lua, Javascript, VHDL, TeX
Basic skill: Prolog, Visual Basic, Basic, Logo, NQC, Vala, Tcl/Tk, x86 assembly, PIC assembly, AVR assembly, MIPS assembly

Familiar software

Using on a daily basis: Linux, git, vim, Arduino
Experience with: subversion, Latex, the Gimp, inkscape, exim, dovecot, mysql, lighttpd,

Extracurricular activities

Teaching assistent 2006-2009, University of Twente

Assisting teachers with various tasks:

  • Teaching exercise classes in programming
  • Supervising students during practical assignments in various courses (programming, algorithms, compiler construction, functional programming)
  • Grading assignments and tentaminations
  • Redesigning practial assignments on algorithms

Treasurer and board member 2004-2005, Study association Inter-Actief

One year, full time board member, tasked with

  • Financial administration (€65.000 budget)
  • Supervising various committees
  • Running daily business
  • Contact with university

Achievements: European Robosoccer tournament, involving teachers in activities, publishing a yearbook.

Board member 2003-2004, Archery club Sagittarius

Part time board member, tasked with

  • Supervising training nights
  • Organising introductory training
  • Arranging bar purchases and sales

Various committees 2003-2011, Study association Inter-Actief

  • First-year's committee
  • Activity committee
  • System administration
  • Financial audit committee
  • Bar committee

Other activities

Event organiser and board member 2005 - present, Evolution Events

Organising live action roleplaying (improvisational theater) events. Tasks include

  • Logistics
  • Propmaking
  • Plotwriting
  • Safety coordination

Achievement: Exploring innovative LARP concepts

Various tasks at sailing school 2006, 2007, Watersportcentrum "De Randmeren"

Various activitities during the summer season, such as

  • Giving introductory sailing lessons
  • Renting out boats
  • Planning sailing lessons.
  • General administrative tasks

Achievement: Set up the financial and bookkeeping procedures from scratch.

Debian maintainer 2009 - present, Debian

Debian is a free operating system based on the Linux kernel and GNU userspace. A Debian maintainer is tasked with

  • Maintaining various packages for the Debian software distribution system.
  • Solving bug reports from users and providing feedback.
  • Coordinating packaging issues with sister-projects like Ubuntu.

Volunteer 2015-present, Fablab Amersfoort

  • Improving CNC mill hardware and PCB milling workflow
  • Machine maintainance

Involvement in various open source projects

Various levels of involvement, ranging from bug reporting to contributing of considerable amounts of code. Projects include

  • Debian
  • OpenTTD
  • The LLVM compiler framework
  • Linux kernel
  • Git-buildpackage
  • rt2x00 Ralink wireless driver
  • Django web development framework
  • Urwid text mode UI framework
  • Gnome


  • Live action roleplaying
  • DIY electronics and microcontroller programming
  • Carpenting
  • Tailoring
  • Sound and light engineering
Copyright by Matthijs Kooijman - most content WTFPL