May 25, 2004

Visitors from outerspace! Uh, Amerika

My cousin from the states, Jake, is visiting our beatiful country for a few weeks with his wife, Jennifer. Kind of a nice person to be around, having lots of fun. He visited Enschede today, so I gave him a grand campus tour, while loading him up with presents and souvenirs like a "Twente University" sweater, an Inter-Actief umbrella and t-shirt, a Sagittarius T-shirt, stuff like that. Kinda cool.
We went to eat at the new `student restaurant', geez what a mess. But I think I'll rant about that below. The food was ok, though. We finished the day with some archery. My foreign friends and my brother wielded the bow succesfully, especially jennifer seems to have talent. They had a good time anyway. Glad that they're gone, though, still lots of work to do.

Now, about that restaurant. Geez! Quite a mess, instead of just a good meal as in the old mensa, you buy a pile of food. Regardless of how hungry you are, you get the same pile of food. When you finish your plate, you can either buy another meal (way too much), or just fries, or rice, or whatever (way too unvaried). Besides that, the prices just went up. They didn't even try to maintain a hint of the old price level....
Down below, next to where people dump their filthy plates and garbage, they placed loads of tables. Apparantly they expect people to sit in the stench of dishwashing machines and food remains, with a nice view of the garbage cans. Yeah right...
I also think they do not supply glasses of water anymore. I haven't seen any at least, and I've heard that the bar will only sell you `no' when asking for water. Probably some manager dude way up thought that supplying water wasn't neccesary. Who drinks water anyway? I wonder when they'll start selling champagne...

On a somewhat happier not, Twister is cool! Inter-Actief organised a twister competition today, so I played a game of 8-player twister with a shrinking playing field. I was the one-to-last player to fall over, to my surprise. I'm not that flexible? Probably my length helps, I can reach all the way over the board with my legs :-)

Hmm, looking at this, why did I do it in English? Probably because I have been talking English all day and I do not really like switching languages. Gotta switch back to dutch anyway. And switch to English again on sunday, when I see Jake & Jennifer again at my grandma's birthday...

Posted by matthijs at May 25, 2004 11:33 PM

Always nice to hear some good dutch proverbs like 'selling no to someone' in English. :)

Now breaks my wooden shoe!

Posted by: Theo at May 26, 2004 02:53 PM

well, it's always better to have a birdy than ten flying around.

Posted by: Joost at May 27, 2004 03:54 PM