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Firefox extension Mozex: Vim in my firefox!

While I was editing some wiki pages just now, I kept being annoyed by the stupid little poor-excuse-for-an-editor text-area in Firefox. But using my favourite editor, vim, would mean copypasting all the text into vim and back again, which is rather clumsy since vim runs in an xterm.

At these moments, you suddenly realise that you cannot be the only one that is being annoyed by something like this. A quick search for "vim" at the Firefox extensions page gives no useful results, though. Searching a little further, I come across Mozex, an extension that supports not only editing textareas in an external program, but also intersepts mailto links, ssh links, news links, etc.

So, whenever I wanna edit something in vim now, I just press Meta+V and get my trusty editor in an xterm :-D

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