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Adventry: The glory of Altenstadt

The glory of Altenstadt

A short advert^Wentry about a play that will be performed on january 25 by Evolution Events and a lot of supporters, in a theater in Baarn. The play is written in the context of our Lextalionis Vampire LARP event, but is going to be a perfectly normal play about the utopic city of Altenstadt, ruled by the ambitious politician Bruno Wolff van Metering.

If you like theatre (or are just curious what we have created), you should visit the play's site and make reservations at once. Note that both the play and the site are in dutch.

Just in case you're wondering, I do not have a part in the play. I will, however be playing a role in the audience. I will visit the play as Pieter Beemstra, a ghoul to Michelle du Croix.

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