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Lextalionis IV: Method to Madness

(Disclaimer: This post is about a game. Most of it is fiction.)

Last weekend was our fourth Lextalionis event, in Heerlen. I'm currently on my way back in the train (4+ hours from Heerlen to Enschede...) and quite exhausted.

I'll not go deeply into the plot of this weekend, but instead go over a few highlights. The in-character context was the mental institution Arcadia, owned by the Malkavian Primogen. The first night was not Elysium and the patients and doctors of the instution were present amongs the vampire guests. This resulted in a very weirdish ambiance, where nutcases and doctors were roaming freely, sometimes even interchanging roles... To top it all off, there were some roaming spirits from long dead patients and doctors.

Foresight Fun

During the second night, the Prince of Dorestad also made an appearance. As usual, she brought along her security ghouls from Foresight Security. This time, however, the security reached another level of professionality. Jan-Willem Bogers, a new player that played the new Forsight recruit Raymond, brought a huge amount of electronics. In particular, there were three actual securiy camera's, lots of cable, video recorders, a monitor and a beamer. So, there were live images of the important areas and we now have hours and hours of security footage.

Futhermore, the Foresight ghouls now also had walkie-talkies for IC communication. So, this weekend I had two walkie-talkies myself: An earpiece in my right ear for listening to the crew, and an earpiece in my left ear for listening to the security.

Thanks, Foresight!


This weekend, just as last Lextalionis (IIRC), Jos and Silvia were around the entire weekend with the sole purpose of feeding the players and crew. They did a tremendous amount of work, delivered excellent food and took extra care to force feed something nutricious to the crewmembers (who are usually so busy running around and forgetting to eat).

Thanks, cooking crew!


The OC location where the event was held, Villa Eikholt, was a wonderful place with lots of rooms, beautiful decoration and lots of wooden finishings. Villa Eikholt is a Nivon house, which is normally rented out to individuals (a bit like a youth hostel). So, there are always two "house guards" present, to receive people, do administrative tasks, etc.

So, last weekend there were also two house guards: Wim and Peter. During the weekend, they have helped us out with just about anything we wanted to do: From borrowing office supplies or a television to wiping the floor and cleaning up while we were still sleeping. Compared to all other locations we have rented so far, they were by far the most flexible and kind.

Thanks, Wim & Peter!

Black Moon

Somewhere during the weekend the "Black Moon", a big party place in Rotterdam owned by one of the players was discussed. The owner asked if there could be an in-character website for the place. Instead of simply saying "sure, you can have a website", we asked Brenda (who was not at the event) to create a quick draft for the website. She did and in the 1999 style it is even hosted at Geocities. You can find the website here.

Thanks, Brenda!

Edit: This used to say the Black Moon was the new name for the Plaza, but that was a misunderstanding at my side.

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