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Sleeping late and being late

After a few weeks of being busy and getting not enough sleep, I've finally managed to sleep really late this morning. Since Brenda had to go to work today (ie, get up at 7), we went to bed early yesterday (around 2330). I didn't get up together with her but slept on until 1300, for a total of more than 13 hours of sleep. And, for the first time in weeks (or maybe months..) I feel fully rested. Now let's try to keep this up.

I'm writing this while I'm in the train to Enschede. As you may well know, the dutch railways have completely redesigned their schedule, to make it 'better for the majority of passengers'. So far I have found nobody that belongs to that 'majority', but, optimistic as I am I expected the new schedule to be better able to be without delay.

Well, consider my bubble bursted. When I arrived at the station in Ermelo the train had a delay of 10 minutes, which ended up being 15 minutes when the train finally arrived. The only positive thing about the new schedule is that this didn't really matter, since I would normally wait 20 minutes at Zwolle so I am still in the same train I would have been in without delay (though this train to Enschede is also delayed, so in the end, I am still late...).

On a related note, did you know that it takes you exactly 6 minutes to walk from Brenda's place to Ermelo station when you walk really fast because you forgot you had no bike available?

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Madness trip to Wageningen

Last night, I was chatting in #larp as I have done a lot this week (since the last Symbols Event). A fiend of mine was complaining about her exams and that she was fed up with learning for them. She wanted to go and do something fun with somebody. I don't remember exactly how or why (don't have the IRC logs handy), but somebody proposed I went over to her and I ended up thinking that was a good idea.

So, after just over two hours of train and bus (Enschede Drienerlo - Hengelo - Zutphen - Arnhem - Ede-Wageningen - Wageningen) I arrived at her place in Wageningen. I spent most of the time in the train calling with an old friend and thinking about what the hell I was doing ;-)

As she promised, there was lots of tea and as expected not too much sleep (she had to get up for a presentation at university at 0900...). So, I'm pretty much broken now and on my way back to Enschede to check the finances of Pro Deo and theatre sports repetition after that. I might not fully stay awake tonight, but, it was worth it :-)

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Exhausting energies

Last night I've slept about 10 hours, which should be more than enough for any normal day. Around 11 this morning I woke up, together with Brenda. I felt tired and lame, she was awake and enthousiastic. After some time of lying around, me trying to wake up, she proposed to go shopping and go to the market. Though the alternative of just staying in bed, sleeping some more until Brenda would come back from town looked very attractive, I decided to get up. This took me a lot of effort, my mind wanting to get up and going to town, my body reluctant to do anything.

The rest of the day was comparably lame: I've been lying, reading, fixing some stuff in my blog, doing some (trivial) correction work and being generally tired. I hope to get some more good sleep tonight, while not getting up to late to go to Enschede tomorrow.

Anyway, I've had this year's first lesson of theatresports last night, which I suspect to be somewhat responsible for my exhaustion. We're going to do some exercises with "energies" over the next few lessons. Last night, we've been practicing with the "exhausting energy". I don't understand exactly how these energies relate to the practice of theatresports yet, but it sure was exhausting.

The exercise consisted mainly of lying on the ground, trying to make yourself feel (physically) heavy. Through focussing on your breathing and concentrating on different parts your body in turn, we triggered a "heavy" feeling. After about half an hour or so, we were asked to simply raise an arm of a leg, while not forgetting the heaviness. While staying fully focussed on my breathing and heaviness, it was actually hard to just raise my arm. It felt like it was physically heavier that normal, which is, obviously, nonsense. :-)

I credit this partly to the fact that I've been focussing on not moving for half an hour, which tends to make your muscles stiff and unprepared to move all of the sudden. I'm also pretty sure this wasn't the entire reason, probably a big part of it is mental. You're actively trying to stop yourself from moving, while trying to move at the same time. Weird. I think I could have snapped out of by dropping my focus and just get up and walk away, but that would obviously have ruined the exercise. Still need to try that some time though, see what happens...

Right, time for that good sleep ;-)

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